Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

<  Monday 13 January 2020  –  Sunday 19 January 2020  >
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11:30 Multiphoton femtosecond laser spectroscopy of anisotropic molecular probes (Prof. Oleg S. Vasyutinskii) (: AG-80)
11:30 QNMs of SUSY Microstate Geometries and D1-D5 CFT (Quantum Spacetime Seminar) (Prof. Virmani, Amitabh) (: A304)
14:30 PIDForest: Anomaly detection via Partial Identification (Gopalan, Parikshit) (: A-201 (STCS Seminar Room))
Privacy-Preserving Localization and Recognition of Human Activities (Prof. Konrad, Janusz) (: D-406)
16:00 Maneuvering the stability and reactivity of ‘[3]Dendralenes”, an exciting class of oligo-enes for diversity oriented organic synthesis (Dr. Sunil K. Ghosh) (: AG-69)
16:30 Role of the Thirty meter telescope and upcoming massive spectroscopic surveys in the studies of Stellar archeology (Prof. T., Sivarani) (Lecture Theater : AG66)
11:00 GSI and FAIR facility: Beam diagnostics perspective (Dr. Rahul Singh) (TIFR, Mumbai: P - 305)
14:30 Solidity+: A Language for Robust Programming of Smart Contracts (Prof. Shyamsundar, R.K.) (: A-201 STCS Seminar room)
15:30 Schrodinger's Cat, and Einstein's Space-time, in the 21st Century (Prof. Singh, Tejinder Pal) (Lecture Theatre: AG-66)
11:30 (QCD Journal Club) Rishi Sharma [] (Sharma, Rishi) (: A 304)
14:30 Fundamental physics from molecular vibrations. (Dr. Sayan Patra) (TIFR, Mumbai: P - 305)
14:30 Feynman Integral: From Integration-By-Parts reduction to Intersection Theory (Dr. Mandal, Manoj Kumar) (: AG69)
16:00 Lengths on Free groups (Prof. Siddhartha Gadgil) (: AG69)
16:00 A Quadratic Lower Bound for Algebraic Branching Programs (Chatterjee, Prerona) (: A-201 (STCS Seminar Room))