Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

<  Monday 09 October 2017  –  Sunday 15 October 2017  >
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11:30 Asymptotic symmetries in QED and sub-leading soft photon theorem (Quantum Spacetime Seminar Series) (Prof. Laddha, Alok) (: A 304)
14:30 Possible and Impossible Cells (Thattai, Mukund) (: A-201 (STCS Seminar Room))
16:00 Magnetic activities on low-mass stars and X-ray binaries (Dr. Subhajeet Karmakar) (DAA SEMINAR ROOm: A269)
14:30 From sign problems to a quantum computer (Prof. Kaplan, David) (: AG69)
16:00 Probabilistic graphical models and phase transitions (Dr. Srivastava, Piyush) (Lecture Theatre: AG-66)
14:30 Chiral gauge theory on the lattice (Prof. Kaplan, David) (: AG 69)
14:30 Development of Heterojunction Based Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction and Dye Degradation Applications (Mr. Sanjay B. Kokane) (: AG-80)
16:00 Generalized Jacobian Conjecture (Prof. R.V. Gurjar) (TIFR, Mumbai: AG-69)
11:30 Open EFT and Renormalisation (Part3) (Dr. Loganayagam, R.) (: A304)
11:30 Cosmology in the low redshift universe (Dr. Vimal Simha) (DAA SEMINAR: A269)
14:30 Wave mechanics and large scale structure of the Universe (Prof. Coles, Peter) (: A304)
Towards a Theory to deal with smartness (Prof. Ramamritham, Krithi) (: AG-66.)
17:15 On the Fourier Spectrum of MOD Functions (S Mande, Nikhil) (: A-201 (STCS Seminar Room))