Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

<  Monday 21 November 2022  –  Sunday 27 November 2022  >
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11:00 Stellar Graveyards: Signals from the merging deads (Dr. Kashyap, Rahul) (Hybrid: A269)
16:00 Exotic 2D Lateral Heterostructures for Optoelectronics (Prof. Prasana Kumar Sahoo) (TIFR: AG66)
16:00 Observational evidence for late reionization (Dr. Gaikwad, Prakash) (Hybrid: AG 66)
16:00 Nonequilibrium evolution of quarkonium in medium (Prof. Brambilla, Nora) (: Zoom : Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 941 9594 1535 Passcode: 958967)
16:00 Pro-étale uniformisation of abelian varieties. (Mr. Arnab Roy) (: AG-77)
11:00 Bruhat-Tits theory over a smooth higher dimensional base (Dr. Yashonidhi Pandey) (: Via Zoom)
11:00 The two hydrodynamic scales of the Toda lattice (Prof. Spohn, Herbert) (: A304 and on Zoom : Meeting ID: 969 2592 6188 Passcode: 699382)
14:00 Adjoint L-value formula and its relation to the Tate conjecture. (Prof. Haruzo Hida) (: AG-77)
16:00 Pencils of quadrics and hyperelliptic curves (Prof. R. Parimala) (: AG-69)
16:00 Missing bayons and the circumgalactic medium (Prof. Mathur, Smitha) (AG-66 and via ZOOM webinar: Zoom link:
14:30 Baryon evolution in relativistic heavy ion collisions (Prof. Chatterjee, Sandeep) (: AG 69 and on zoom)
16:00 A Statistical Mechanical Framework for the Yielding of ideal Crystalline (Mr. Parswa Nath) (:
16:00 Shifts of finite type associated to an integer matrix (Dr. Sharvari Tikekar) (: AG-69)
18:30 Measurement of global observables with ALICE at the LHC (Dr. Tripathy, Sushanta)
10:00 Measurement of CP-violating parameters in the 𝐁𝐬𝟎→𝐉/𝛙𝛟 decay using proton-proton collisions in the CMS experiment at √𝐬=𝟏𝟑 𝐓𝐞𝐕 (Dr. Alibordi, Muhammad) (Zoom link: )
14:00 Local p-indecomposability of modular p-adic Galois representations. (Prof. Haruzo Hida) (: AG-77)
14:30 The theory and applications of interferometric constants to astronomical measurements (Dr. Thyagarajan, Nithyanandan) (: Zoom : Meeting ID: 825 1295 6967 Passcode: 384194)
Building high-quality institutions in higher education (Dr. Raj Sinha, Pramath) (Hybrid: