Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

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14:00 Search for dark matter using heavy flavor jets at CMS (Dr. Khurana, Raman) (TIFR, Mumbai: AG-69)
16:00 Unveiling the surface characteristics of Mars across the “Stealth” Region with Mars-Express Bistatic Radar Experiment (Dr. Ray, Shamayita) (Hybrid: AG 66)
16:00 Superconductivity: An experimentalist view (Prof. Ramakrishnan, S.) (AG-66 and via ZOOM webinar: Zoom link:
11:30 (QCD Journal Club) (: A 304)
16:00 Dirichlet's theorem on primes in arithmetic progressions. (Prof. T N Venkataramana) (: Via Zoom)
Making India a Semiconductor Nation (Dr. Gupta, Satya) (Online: