Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

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16:00 How to tell a Tale of Two Tails? (Prof. Rao, Parthanil) (: A-201 STCS Seminar Room)
11:30 Bispidine coordination chemistry – ligands for medicinal chemistry, bioinorganic modeling and oxidation catalysis (Prof. Peter Comba) (: AG-80)
16:00 Microtubules from a Statistical Physics perspective (Prof. Das, Dibyendu) (Lecture Theatre: AG-66)
14:30 Model-independent Astrophysical Constraints on Leptophilic Dark Matter in the Framework of Tsallis Statistics (Mr. Guha, Atanu) (: AG69)
16:30 Development of readout electronics for cryogenic bolometer detector (Dr. Dr. Ashif Reza) (TIFR, Mumbai: P - 305)
11:30 Targeted Prodrugs to Manipulate Copper Biology of Prostate Cancer (Dr. Subha Bhaktavatsalam) (: AG-80)
High Speed Rotor Technology for gaseous separation (Dr. G. Gouthaman) (: AG-66)
17:15 Lowerbound against homogeneous multilinear formulas (Chaterjee, Prerorna) (TIFR: A-201 STCS Seminar Room)