Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

<  Monday 13 November 2017  –  Sunday 19 November 2017  >
Mon 13/11 Tue 14/11 Wed 15/11 Thu 16/11 Fri 17/11
11:30 SYK-chaotic and Global Charges (Quantum Spacetime Series Seminar) (Prof. Kundu, Arnab) (: A 304)
14:30 Observation of the Higgs Decaying to a Pair of Tau Leptons (Dr. Ojalvo, Isobel) (TIFR: AG-66)
10:30 Improving Seismic Isolation in LIGO using Ground-Rotation Sensors (Dr. Krishna Venkateswara) (DAA SEMINAR ROOM: A269)
16:00 Precise radio astronomical and laboratory spectroscopy (Prof. Alexander V. Lapinov) (DAA Seminar: A269)
16:00 Must do better-oral vaccines in the developing world (Prof. Kang, Gagandeep) (Lecture Theatre: AG-66)
11:30 (QCD Journal Club) (Junnarkar, Parikshit) (: A 304)
14:30 Functional Supramolecular Polymers of Extended π-Systems (Dr. Venkata Rao Kotagiri) (: AG-80)
16:00 The Prasad conjecture for PGSp(4) (Dr. Hengfei Lu) (TIFR, Mumbai: AG-69)
14:30 Functional Supramolecular and Polymeric Materials of Extended π-Systems (Dr. Venkata Rao Kotagiri) (: AG-80)
14:30 Stochastic Gravitational Waves: Windows to the Unknowns (Prof. Mitra, Sanjit) (: A304)
Making New Technologies at CMS during the HL-LHC (Dr. Ojalvo, I) (: AG-66)
17:15 A Biased Introduction to Proof Complexity (Vinyals, Marc)