Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

<  Monday 11 November 2019  –  Sunday 17 November 2019  >
Mon 11/11 Tue 12/11 Wed 13/11 Thu 14/11 Fri 15/11
11:30 Topological open/closed string dualities (Quantum Spacetime Seminar Series) (Prof. Ashok, Sujay) (: A304)
11:30 Towards a Lattice-Level Understanding of Shock Compression of Materials (Prof. Justin Wark) (TIFR, Mumbai: AG - 66)
14:30 Properties of Bs → µ+ µ- and Bd → µ+ µ- decays (Prof. Mazumdar, Kajari) (TIFR, Mumbai: AG66)
16:00 Searching for gravitational waves with pulsars (Prof. Hobbes, George) (Lecture Theater: AG-66)
10:00 K(E10) and Standard Model Fermions ( Special Quantum Spacetime seminar) (Prof. Nicolai, Hermann) (: A 304)
16:00 Science with X-Ray Free Electron Lasers (Prof. Wark, Justin) (Lecture Theatre: AG-66)
10:00 Recent developments in Chern-Simons-matter theories (Dr. Prabhakar, Naveen) (: A304)
11:30 Cancellation of infrared divergences in bino-like theories of dark matter at finite temperature (Mr. Sen, Pritam) (: A304)
How Indians won the Silicon Valley? (Prof. Kanavi, Shivanand) (: AG-66)
17:15 Affine Subspace Reachability Problems (Jha, Prabhat Kumar) (: A-201 (STCS Seminar Room))