Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

<  Monday 14 November 2022  –  Sunday 20 November 2022  >
Mon 14/11 Tue 15/11 Wed 16/11 Thu 17/11 Fri 18/11
15:00 Gravitational Dipole and Quadrupole Radiation from Pulsars (Dr. Verma, Paritosh) (Hybrid: A269)
16:30 Alexander polynomial of the mapping torus of a graph map (Dr. Radhika Gupta)
16:00 Demystifying the Dark Side of the Universe Using Secondary Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropies. (Dr. Raghunathan, Srinivasan) (Hybrid: AG66)
16:00 Optics at the nanoscale (Dr. Sergey Kurk) (TIFR: AG80)
16:00 On Inversion of Adjunction. (Dr. Roktim Mascharak) (: AG-77)
16:00 Colloquia on the 2022 Nobel Prizes in Physiology/Medicine, Chemistry and Physics (Prof. Anand, Amitesh; Prof. Koti, ASR; Prof. Vijay Raghavan, Rajamani; Prof. Mujumdar, Sushil) (AG-66 and via ZOOM webinar: Zoom link:
The Transformative Maverick Mindset (Mr. Mehta, Harish; Mr. Kanavi, Shivanand) (Hybrid:
16:00 Background of modular p-adic deformation theory and a brief outline (Prof. Haruzo Hida) (: AG-69)
11:00 Neutrino forces and where to find them (Dr. Ghosh, Mitrajyoti) (: Zoom : Meeting ID: 825 1295 6967 Passcode: 384194)