Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

<  Monday 28 November 2022  –  Sunday 04 December 2022  >
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11:30 Iwasawa theory of classical and derived deformation rings (Prof. Jacques Tilouine)
14:30 Particle acceleration in Active Galactic Nuclei (Dr. Shukla, Amit) (: AG-66)
16:00 Giant Faraday rotation of excitons in 2D semiconductor monolayers (Prof. Ashish Arora) (: AG80)
16:30 An ergodic approach towards an equidistribution result of Ferrero–Washington (Prof. Bharathwaj Palvannan) (: A369)
14:30 Statistical significance and projections for proton decay experiments (Dr. Bhattiprolu, Prudhvi) (Zoom link: [Meeting ID: 688 6114 1614, Passcode: 978690]: D406)
16:00 Optical Control of Ferroic Domain Configuration through Light Polarization’ (Mr. Vivek Dwij) (: AG 80)
16:00 Suslin's Cancellation Conjecture in the Smooth Case (Mr. S Sandeep) (: AG-77)
16:00 Probing the intergalactic medium with hydrogen 21-cm radiation (Dr. Ghara, Raghunath) (Online: Online)
16:15 Deriving Gauge-String Duality (Prof. Gopakumar, Rajesh) (: A304 and Zoom : Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 941 9594 1535 Passcode: 958967)
11:00 Finiteness of Entanglement Entropy in Collective Field Theory (Prof. Das, Sumit R.) (: A304 and on Zoom)
16:00 Nuclear- Fusion Explosion Synergy between Science and Enterprise (Prof. Mahajan, Swadesh M) (AG-66 and via ZOOM webinar: Zoom link:
14:30 Study of Astrophysical Jets using Gamma-ray Observations (Dr. Shukla, Amit) (TIFR, Mumbai: D-406)
14:30 Bruhat-Tits theory: a new approach (Prof. Gopal Prasad) (: AG-77)