Looking through the glass or through the looking glass?

by Mr. Saranyo moitra

Sunday, December 19, 2021 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at Online ( https://zoom.us/j/98690834444?pwd=Rk9XUFQ3RUZ6em1YdGZwbkxiZHdMUT09 )
Phenomena around us are generically complex, involving many interacting parts. It is an ongoing challenge to construct theories for such systems which typically include imperfections and chaos. Half of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to Prof. Giorgio Parisi for his fundamental contributions to the theory of complex systems. His prolific work showed how random fluctuations and imperfections can co-conspire to give rise to rich phenomena, with consequences in diverse fields ranging from biology and neuroscience to machine learning. Join us as we peer into this complex world with a looking glass and uncover the order hidden within disorder.
Organised by TIFR Outreach