String Theory Seminars

Towards Singlet Spectrum in SYK-like Tensor Models [Quantum Spacetime seminar series]

by Mr. K.V. Pavan Kumar (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)

Monday, February 4, 2019 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at A304
Recently, a lot of work has been done on the SYK model and its tensor counterparts. These SYK-like tensor models are first introduced by Witten based on the work of Gurau et al. I start by introducing these SYK-like tensor models and then discuss briefly some numerical results about the spectrum of N=27 uncolored model. After this, I will propose a systematic way to: a) Diagonalize the Hamiltonian of these tensor models analytically b) Identify the gauge invariant/singlet states among the eigenstates of the Hamiltonian.

I will then discuss a nontrivial example where we have identified the complete singlet spectrum analytically using the above method. I conclude my talk by listing some future directions.