Wednesday Colloquia

Dazzle of the drop returns

by Prof. M. Krishnamurthy (DNAP-TIFR & TIFR-Hyderabad)

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at Lecture Theatre ( AG-66 )
Intense lasers can be used to accelerate electrons or positive ions. Higher the laser power, higher the energy of the electrons and ions. But we need strategies where smaller lasers can also generate high energy electron/proton beams. Doing this will make the laser based applications amenable rather than just being demonstrative.  We discovered that dynamically formed structures in a spherical drop enables relativistic energy electron beams with 1/100th of intensity than what is typically used. Lens less transmission electron imaging and x-ray imaging, that are  typically shown in petawatt class laser experiments, is now demonstrated with a of-the-stock mJ laser.

In this talk, I will tell you about these experiments setup in TIFR Hyderabad to perform these studies.