Free Meson Seminars

Pure quark and gluon jet observables

by Dr. Xiaojun Yao (MIT)

Thursday, April 28, 2022 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at Zoom
Description Please contact rishi(at)theory(dot)tifr(dot)res(dot)in for the zoom meeting id and the password for this seminar.

Disentangling quark- and gluon-initiated jets can help us to better understand fundamental interactions in QCD and use jets as probes of the quark-gluon plasma in heavy ion collisions. Many previous studies relied on the Sudakov factors of some jet substructure observables such as the soft drop jet mass in the tail region and failed to reach a 100% efficiency in the disentangling. In this talk, I will introduce novel jet observables that are made pure quark or gluon in a wide kinematic region. The construction is based on the collinear drop grooming technique and nonperturbative effects are taken into account. I will show both analytic and Monte Carlo results for these observables in proton-proton collisions and discuss the impact of initial-state radiation and multi-parton interaction. Finally, I will discuss the potential obstacles in applying these observables in heavy ion collisions.