402 Schools false [["minutes", "Minutes"], ["notes", "Notes"], ["paper", "Paper"], ["poster", "Poster"], ["slides", "Slides"], ["summary", "Summary"]] https://indico.tifr.res.in/indico/conferenceDisplay.py/ical?confId=402 Ms. DAA magnes@tifr.res.in 19 1st TIFR Winter School in Astronomy & Astrophysics This introductory level school aims at exposing physics students to astronomy and astrophysics by providing a comprehensive overview of the experimental, observational and theoretical aspects in this field. It also aims at preparing the Indian student community for the existing and upcoming space and ground based observational facilities in India and abroad. The participants will have the opportunity to observe with the TIFR 14 inch optical telescope and to gain hands-on experience with real astronomical data. False Colaba Campus
Guest House
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