70 Workshops false [["0", "Home Page"], ["minutes", "Minutes"], ["notes", "Notes"], ["paper", "Paper"], ["poster", "Poster"], ["slides", "Slides"], ["summary", "Summary"]] https://indico.tifr.res.in/indico/conferenceDisplay.py/ical?confId=70 Mr. TIFR santoshk@tifr.res.in 26 Interstellar Matter and Star Formation - A Multi-Wavelength Perspective The purpose of the workshop is to expose and motivate students and young researchers towards this field and to promote the topic of Star Formation at the graduate studies level so that the upcoming young generation in India can efficiently use the next generation space and ground based telescope facilities such as Herschel, JWST, ALMA, VISTA and SCUBA/JCMT. The workshop will also focus on results from the currently operational state-of-art ground based near- and mid-infrared and sub-mm and millimeter observatories. False TIFR National Balloon Facility
Hyderabad, India
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