19-22 February 2018
TIFR Mumbai
Asia/Kolkata timezone
J. Benlliure Anaya:
Recent progress and future challenges in fission

M. Cinausero:
Heavy-Ion Reaction Dynamics: From complete fusion to non-equilibrium processes

S. Garg:
Role of Isospin in Fission Decay Widths
T. Ghosh:
Fusion-Fission and quasi-fission of heavy elements and super heavy elements

Y.K. Gupta:
Study of Fission Dynamics using Alpha particle emission as a probe

A. Jain:
Role of Isospin in Neutron Reach Systems and Fission Fragment Distributions
S. R. Jain:
Semi Classical Approaches for Nuclear Structure Physics

A. Jaiswal:
Hydrodynamics and viscosity in nuclear physics

N. Madhavan:
Experimental Measurements of evaporation residue excitation function and angular momentum distribution to probe fusion-fission dynamics

K. Mahata:
Recent progress in fission of pre-actinide nuclei

A. Mukherjee:
Fusion of weekly bound nuclei at near barrier energies: A short review

R. Nandi
Simulation of low density nuclear matter with nuclear molecular dynamics

A. Nasirov:
Fusion and Quasi-fission reactions in heavy ion collissions

B.K. Nayak:
Nuclear Physics with surrogate reactions

S.K. Patra:
Relative fragmentations of neutron rich thermally finite nuclei within a statistical model

J. Sadhukhan:
A roadmap of the theoretical studies in nuclear fission

A. Saxena:
Fusion-fission dynamics in heavy ion induced fission

N. Schunck:
Theories of nuclear fission
A. Shrivastava:
Exploring fusion hindrance at deep sub-barrier energies

R. Tripathi:
Radio-chemical studies on mass and mass resolved angular distribution to investigate fusion fission dynamics