12-14 March 2018
TIFR, Mumbai
Asia/Kolkata timezone
FIG 2018
Poster No. Name Abstract Title
P1 Ms. Monica Karday A global analysis of the nature of γ-bands in A = 100-200 mass nuclei
P2 Mr. Md. S.R. Laskar Ancillary Detector for INGA and the Associated Readout System
P3 Prof. Rabindranath MISHRA Appearance of Delta resonances in neutron stars in a modified quark meson coupling model
P4 Mr. Sajad ALI Coupling between two extreme excitation mode in weakly deformed 142Eu
P5 Mr. Virendra Kumar PASI Definite spin-parity assignment to bandheads in 126Te, 129Xe and 127I using PDCO
P6 Ms. Honey SHARMA Description of superdeformed nuclei possessing same F0 symmetry in 72≤N≤86 region
P8 Mr. Soumik BHATTACHARYA, Mr. RANABIR BANIK Effect of single proton in driving the nucleus towards deformation
P9 Dr. Ritwika CHAKRABARTI Excited states up to band termination and beyond in a near-spherical f7/2-shell nucleus
P10 Mr. M.Kushal KUSHAL High Spin State Of $^{48}$Ti Using DHF Model
P11 Dr. Dinesh NEGI High spin states in oblate-deformed, A~200 Hg isotopes
P12 Dr. D. SINGH Incomplete Fusion Dynamics in 16O + 154Sm system
P13 Mr. Sanat PANDIT Investigation of fragment capture reaction mechanism involving weakly bound 7Li
P14 Mrs. Hajera SULTANA, Ms. Rajashri BHATTACHARJEE, Dr. Anagha CHAKRABORTY Investigation of the level structure of 29Al at high spin#
P15 Mr. Kironmoy MANDAL, Dr. Anagha CHAKRABORTY, Mr. Amit Kumar MONDAL Investigation of the level structure of 78Se at medium spins
P16 Mr. Saikat CHAKRABORTY Isomers and associated rotational bands in 127Xe
P17 Ms. Poulomi ROY Isomers and intrinsic excitations at high spin in 201Tl
P18 Mr. Umakant LAMANI Lifetime measurement of excited states in 129Cs
P19 Mr. A.K. MONDAL, Dr. S. MUKHOPADHYAY, Dr. A. CHAKRABORTY Low- and medium- spin level structures in neutron-rich 96Sr and 98Zr nuclei
P20 Mr. Shaikh SAFIKUL ALAM Measurement of Quadrupole moments in neutron rich Iodine nuclei
P21 Mr. Mandeep Singh REEN Measurement of electromagnetic direct decays from the giant resonances of 12C and 16O.
P22 Mr. Takashi SUDO Measurement of gamma-rays from giant resonances of 12C and 16O and comparison with the hadronic decay model calculations
P23 Mr. SHASHI SHEKHER TIWARY Negative Parity States in 124Te
P24 Dr. Swati MODI Nonadiabatic quasiparticle approach to study triaxial proton emitters
P25 Dr. Sukhjeet SINGH Nuclear Radius Parameter-An Indicator of Nuclear Shell Closure
P26 Dr. Subhendu RAJBANSHI Possibility of wobbling excitation in the even-even 142Gd nucleus
P27 Ms. Swati GARG Prediction of heavy mass fission fragments in thermal neutron induced fission
P28 Mrs. A SHARMA Revisiting the level structure of 103Pd
P29 Dr. Mansi SAXENA Shapes and collectivity of nuclei around Z = 50 studied by Coulomb Excitation
P30 Mr. Bhushan BHUJANG, Mr. Virendra Kumar PASI Signature inversion in doubly odd 128I
P31 Mr. Sutanu BHATTACHARYA, Dr. Tarkeshwar TRIVEDI Spectroscopic Investigations of Excited States of 70Ge Nucleus
P32 Mr. RANABIR BANIK, Dr. S. BHATTACHARYYA Spectroscopy of 131Xe from α induced Reaction
P33 Mr. Arunabha SAHA, Mr. S.S ALAM Spectroscopy of Low Lying states in $^{150}$Sm
P34 Mrs. Indu BALA Structure at low and high spins of 66Zn nuclei
P35 Ms. N. BEHERA Study of high spin structures in $^{76}Kr$ using triaxial projected shell model
P36 Dr. H PAI, Mr. Sajad ALI Study of structural evolution with increasing angular momentum in 142Tb
P37 Ms. Chandrani MAJUMDER Study of two quasi particle bands in 104 Pd
P38 Mr. SOUMEN NANDI Systematic study of particle alignments in Os isotopes
P39 Mr. Anshul DADWAL Systematic study of the “flat” superdeformed bands in the A≈190 mass region
P40 Mr. Himanshu Kumar SINGH Test of Chirality in 130La using lifetime measurement
P41 Mrs. Preetha P Transition probability from the ground to the first-excited 2+ state of Ti isotopes
P42 Dr. Abhijit BISOI Un-even transition strengths in A =35 mirror nuclei. A role of isospin mixing
P43 Dr. Bhoomika MAHESHWARI g-factors from generalized seniority scheme
P44 Mr. MURSHID ALAM Study of bound state properties of Σ & Ξ exotic hypernuclei by the hyperspherical few-body method
P45 Mr. SHAMIM HAQUE MONDAL Study of some physical aspects of Astronuclear system
P46 Kawalpreet KALRA Odd – Even Staggering in K = 0 Rotational Bands of Doubly Odd Nuclei
P47 Prof. Praharaj C.R. Multiquasiparticle high K bands: Possibilities for Gamma-ray Spectroscopy
P48 Dr. P.K. Joshi Role for GTOL in Experimental Nuclear Research
P49 Mr. Md. S.R. Laskar g-factor measurement of 2738 keV isomer in 135La
P50 Mr. F. S. Babra High spin spectroscopy and lifetime measurements of excited states in 135Pm
P51 Mr. M. Hasan Calculation of resonances in weakly bound exotic nuclei
P52 Dr. A. Jhingan Charged Particle Detector Development for LEB Experiments at NUSTAR

Poster session will be held in TIFR Homi Bhabha Auditorium Foyer.