Theoretical Physics Colloquium

Towards the continuum limit in Lattice QCD: Physics on CLS ensembles

by Prof. Gunnar Bali (Universitaet Regensburg, Germany)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at AG69
QCD at long distances is not solvable analytically, however, QCD input is needed to relate experimental data to parameters appearing in the Lagrangian of the Standard Model (SM) or of Beyond the SM theories, and, eventually, to enable the discovery of new physics. Since we are not smart enough to compute the required QCD matrix elements analytically, we simulate the theory on supercomputers. This is done by first generating statistical ensembles of gauge field configurations, then computing expectation values of observables on these and finally extrapolating to infinite volume, the physical point in the quark mass plane and a vanishing lattice cut-off. 

In the past three years we have generated within the CLS effort  (Coordinated Lattice Simulations) gauge ensembles with 2+1 quark flavours going down to unprecedentedly small lattice spacings. This was possible using open boundary conditions in the time direction. I will provide an overview of the simulation strategy and present first results.