High Energy Physics Seminars

Cosmic-ray measurements with LOFAR and gamma-ray astronomy with ALTO

by Dr. Satyendra Thoudam (Department of Physics & Electrical Engineering, Linnaeus University, Sweden)

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at TIFR, Mumbai ( D-406 )
LOFAR is an astronomical radio telescope, which is capable of measuring radio emission from cosmic-ray air showers. In this talk, I will present several key results from the LOFAR cosmic-ray project which include precise measurements of the radio properties of air showers, measurement of the cosmic-ray mass composition, and the discovery of a dominant fraction of light nuclei at cosmic-ray energy of about 1017 eV.
I will also talk about the ongoing activities of the proposed ALTO observatory for very-high-energy gamma-ray astronomy in the Southern Hemisphere. ALTO is a wide field-of-view detector array based on water Cherenkov detector technique, combined with scintillation detectors. It will be capable of measuring gamma rays above ~200 GeV with better angular resolution and improved sensitivity than existing experiments based on a similar detection technique. I will present the expected performance of the array based on Monte-Carlo simulations, status of a prototype set-up, and future plans.