ASET Colloquium

Putting immune cells to work: Waking sleepy T cells and heating cold tumors with small molecule drugs

by Dr. Arjun Surya (Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Curadev Pharma, India)

Friday, May 17, 2019 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at AG-66
Tumors subvert immunity in a variety of ways. They can hide their very existence from innate cellular alarm systems and circulating surveillance immune cells, frustrate the buildup and amplification of immune responses and subvert established inflammatory responses by evoking potent immunosuppressive factors.   At Curadev, one of our interests is in restoring the power of the immune system to achieve clean tumor kills.  We settled on two biological pathways – the Type I interferon response and the immunosuppressive tryptophan metabolism pathway. The talk will focus on the discovery of novel small molecules by our group that stimulate anti-tumour immunity. 

About the Speaker:

Dr. Surya founded Curadev in 2010 after holding leadership positions of increasing seniority in the industry. He has over 30 years of research experience that includes extensive focus in the assessment of drug molecules against several target classes across a range of therapeutic areas.  A biophysicist by training with an interest in protein structure and function, he specializes in building unusually versatile and productive research teams with cross-functional expertise.  Of Curadev’s many singular achievements, perhaps the most remarkable one is that all the lead inventors on its small molecule programs were writing their first patents.  His past organizations include SmithKline Beecham, Ranbaxy, and TCG Lifesciences (Chembiotek). Dr. Surya has an integrated Masters in Physics from IIT Kanpur and a Ph.D. in Biophysics from Syracuse University, (USA).
Organised by Dr. Satyanarayana Bheesette
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