High Energy Physics Seminars

Search for the associated production of Higgs boson with a single top quark and studies with missing transverse energy in CMS experiment at the LHC.

by Ms. Pallabi DAS (TIFR)

Friday, April 26, 2019 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at TIFR, Mumbai ( AG-66 )
The associated production of the Higgs boson with a single top quark depends on directly on the top-Higgs coupling. It also has the capability to reveal the relative sign of the couplings of the Higgs with top vs. W boson. The current analysis being performed with Run-2 data of proton-proton collisions at centre-of-mass energy of 13 TeV will be described in this talk. The projected performance of CMS experiment at high-luminosity LHC will be also presented. In the second half we shall discuss about the measurement of missing transverse energy variable in CMS experiment. In particular a study in the final state of single photon plus jets with data collected in 2017 and 2018 will be discussed.