19-20 February 2021
Asia/Kolkata timezone
The workshop “Outlook for INO, IICHEP and beyond” to be held during 19-20 February 2021, will focus on the detector and physics reach of the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO). The INO project has been delayed due to various reasons but several obstacles have recently been overcome and we hope that construction will begin soon. It is thus is an opportune moment to bring together experts from the national & international community to assess and consolidate its physics case, against the backdrop of current and forthcoming world activity in neutrino physics. The aim of the workshop is two-fold. On one hand, we wish to highlight the still very relevant physics goals of the proposed magnetised iron calorimeter detector (ICAL) experiment, as well as present the status of the 700-ton prototype surface detector (e-ICAL) at the Inter-Institutional Centre for High Energy Physics (IICHEP), Madurai. This will be the R&D centre for INO and the base for operating the underground laboratory ~100 km away at Pottipuram in Theni district. In addition, the workshop calls for new ideas towards detector upgrade(s), physics with the prototype detector, and further applications (including a possible `tomography' project at IICHEP). 
Starts Feb 19, 2021 15:00
Ends Feb 20, 2021 20:30
INO/TIFR, Mumbai