Random Interactions

Non-equilibrium effects on supercurrents in multi-terminal Josephson junctions

by Dr. Sarath Sankar (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Thursday, November 18, 2021 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at A304 / Zoom
I will discuss certain non-equilibrium effects on the supercurrent(s) in a multi-terminal Josephson Junction  setup that consists of a mesoscopic and chaotic normal dot which is coupled by tunnel barriers to multiple superconducting  and normal  leads. Non-equilibrium condition is produced by voltage biasing the normal leads. One of the main results is that the area of the critical current  hypersurface decreases with voltage, reaches a minimum and then grows and saturates at large voltages. I will discuss how 1) thickness of the barriers , 2) temperature of the leads and 3) intrinsic inelastic relaxation in the dot - affect the supercurrent(s) and lead to various interesting behaviors. All my results are obtained using  the quasi classical Keldysh formalism in the dirty limit (usually referred to as Usadel equations) and I will also try to give an overview of this framework and particularly how I apply it.