High Energy Physics Seminars

Test of Lepton Flavor Universality and Searches for Lepton Flavor Violation in B-decays at Belle

by Dr. Saurabh Sandilya (IIT Hyderabad)

Thursday, July 28, 2022 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at TIFR, Mumbai ( D-405 )
Rare decays of the ๐ต-meson that proceed via the underlying quark-level transition ๐‘ → ๐‘ โ„“ +โ„“ − are sensitive probes of physics beyond the standard model (SM). In recent years, measurements of several observables related to these rare ๐ต-decays have hinted at possible deviations from SM predictions. Examples include the Lepton Flavor Universality ratios ๐‘…(๐พ) and ๐‘…(๐พ ∗ ), which describe how often a ๐ต meson decays into a ๐พ (or ๐พ ∗ ) meson and a pair of muons or electrons, and are theoretically precise. We present the recent measurement of ๐‘…(๐พ) and searches conducted for the Lepton Flavor Violation in ๐ต decays at Belle. We also discuss the plans related to these rare ๐ต decays with a larger data sample at Belle II.