Wednesday Colloquia

Exoplanets to Protoplanetary discs: Building spectrographs to push the frontiers

by Prof. Joe Ninan (TIFR Mumbai)

Wednesday, November 2, 2022 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at AG-66 and via ZOOM webinar ( Zoom link: )
Meeting ID: 979 6325 9354 Pass code: 04072020
Last three decades of observational Exoplanet research has completely transformed our understanding about planets as well as their formation environment. We now have more than 5000 exoplanets discovered, and the field is moving from the decades of discovery to era of characterization and astrophysics of exoplanets.  This revolution in our understanding is in many ways thanks to the modern ultra-stable spectrographs. This talk is the story of how we built two extreme precision radial velocity spectrographs, HPF (in near-infrared) and NEID (in optical) for two US telescopes at PennState. After a brief overview of the main scientific results from these two instruments, I shall also talk about a new kind of multi object, optical to near infrared spectrograph we are currently building in India to conduct world's
largest survey of the protoplantery disc systems, the cradle of these exoplanets.