ASET Colloquium

Making beautiful products using deep technologies

by Dr. Abhishek Bapna (Director, Product Management for Google Research)

Friday, February 3, 2023 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at Hybrid ( )
AG-66, TIFR, Mumbai
Building great products often starts with deep technical innovation but do not end there. There are many aspects of product strategy, the knowledge of which would benefit researchers as they explore the possibility of converting their research breakthroughs into useful products. In this talk, we will touch upon a few of these product strategies, explore approaches that can leverage the superpowers of research but also address some of the blind spots we may have, and discuss various examples of successful products built using deep technical advances.

About Speaker:
Abhishek is currently the Director of Product Management for Google Research based in India. Previously he was the head of the Facebook App for India and led video ranking and monetization for FB. Before Facebook, he led products for India’s first unicorn, InMobi. He has a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Stanford University. Abhishek has a passion for developing super simple products from very deep technologies. 
Organised by Dr. Satyanarayana Bheesette