DCMPMS Seminars

The multiferroic wonder box GeTe (Infosys Condensed Matter Seminar)

by Prof. Hugo Dil (EPFL and Paul Scherrer Institute)

Thursday, March 16, 2023 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at D 406 :https://zoom.us/j/92005304045?pwd=SUFmWkVSSGxlbHZBWTNBUnIyaVRPZz09 Meeting ID :920 0530 4045 Passcode :309084
With only two atoms per unit cell, GeTe is one of the simplest room temperature ferroelectric materials. However, this does not limit the rich physics associated with this compound, especially when also considering substitutional Mn doping. Using a variety of spectroscopic techniques we probed the switchable bulk Rashba-type spin splitting, triple Fermions, strong magnetoelectric coupling, spin glass behaviour, topological spin textures, and efficient magnetic reversal using stochastic resonance. Links will be made with other polar materials when useful.