Seminars and Colloquia  (events overview)

<  Monday 15 May 2023  –  Sunday 21 May 2023  >
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11:00 Structure-magnetic relationship in proximate quantum spin liquid Kitaev-Heisenberg magnets (Dr. Rajyavardhan Ray) (: D406Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 928 7353 6541 Passcode: 597043)
14:30 Development of simulation geometry and end-to-end ML reconstruction for HGCAL, and test of lepton flavour universality at CMS (Mr. Suryadevara, Pruthvi) (: AG-66)
14:30 Correlated states in ultra-high-quality two-dimensional electron systems. (Mr. Pranav Thekke Madathil,) (: D 406)
14:30 Mapping the baryonic Universe: a new window into the cosmos (Dr. Padmanabhan, Hamsa) (: A304 and on zoom Meeting ID: 827 0473 4378 Passcode: 311436)
16:00 New directions for the Cosmic Microwave Background (Prof. Holder, Gilbert) (: AG 80 and on zoom)
16:00 Atom Interferometry: Principles and Applications (Prof. Rapol, Umakant) (AG-66 and via ZOOM: Zoom link:
16:00 Globular Clusters and Compact Binary Systems (Prof. Kundu, Arunav) (Hybrid: AG 69)
11:00 R&D of HGCAL silicon detector modules and extraction of ultra-legacy scale factors for Run-2 (Mr. Shelake, Mukund) (TIFR, Mumbai: AG-66)
16:00 Preparing high-precision PTA data sets for nano-Hertz GW Astronomy (Dr. Rana, Prerna) (Hybrid: A 269)
18:30 Quarkonium measurements in the ATLAS heavy-ion program at the LHC (Prof. Citron, Zvi)
11:00 Single Crystal Growth of Topological Insulator Bi2Se3: Structural Properties, Correlation Study and Applications (Dr. Kushal Mazumder) (: Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 986 2875 0521 Passcode: 025193)