Free Meson Seminars

LHC vector resonance searches in the ttZ final state

by Dr. Bithika Jain (Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, Korea)

Thursday, January 5, 2017 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at AG69
LHC searches for BSM resonances in dilepton, dijet, ditop and diboson final states have so far not resulted in discovery of new physics. Current results set lower limits on mass scales of new physics resonances well into the O(1)TeV range, assuming that the new resonance decays dominantly to a pair of Standard Model particles. While the SM pair searches are a vital probe of possible new physics, it is important to re-examine the scope of new physics scenarios probed with such nal states. Scenarios where new resonances decay dominantly to nal states other than SM pairs, even though well theoretically motivated, lie beyond the scope of SM pair searches. In this talk I argue that LHC searches for (vector) resonances beyond two particle final states would be useful complementary probes of new physics scenarios. As an example, I will consider a class of composite Higgs models, and discuss phenomenology where the color singlet, electrically neutral vector resonance decays dominantly not to a pair of SM particles, but to a fermionic top partner T and a top quark, with top partner, T decaying into t and Z.