String Theory Seminars

Classification of 6d SCFTs and supersymmetric little string theories (Tata- Infosys Lecture Series) (Lecture 4)

by Dr. Lakshya Bhardwaj (Perimeter Institute, Canada)

Friday, March 9, 2018 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at A 304
It is believed that the only interacting non-gravitational supersymmetric UV complete theories in six dimensions are either SCFTs or supersymmetric little string theories. I will discuss some approaches to classify such theories. In one approach, one attempts to formulate and solve consistency conditions on the low-energy effective gauge theories arising on the tensor branch of vacua of these theories. Another approach is based on studying compactifications of F-theory which admit decoupling limits producing these 6d theories. Such compactifications have been classified under the assumption that the base of the compactification manifold does not carry O7+ planes. I will discuss this classification and preliminary attempts at incorporating O7+ planes in the description. I will argue that a proper incorporation of O7+ planes requires a better understanding of the duality of F-theory with M-theory on the side of physics, and tools for dealing with singular elliptic fibrations on the side of mathematics.