High Energy Physics Seminars

Relativity, Dynamics and Gravity (II): Quantum Physics and Condensed Matter Physics

by Prof. C. S. Unnikrishnan (DHEP, TIFR)

Monday, August 27, 2018 from to (Asia/Kolkata)
at TIFR, Mumbai ( AG-66 )
In the second part of the discussion on Cosmic Relativity, the gravitational paradigm for relativity and dynamics, I will focus mostly on its applications to fundamental problems in quantum physics. I will first discuss a set of problems involving the quantum spin and its gravitational significance; these are the fine structure of atomic spectra, geometric phases of photons and neutrons, and spin filters and spintronics with bio-molecules and other structures with chirality. This will be followed by a discussion of the deep problem of the physical origin of the Spin-Statistics connection with manifestations in the Pauli exclusion and the Bose-Einstein condensation. I will conclude the second part by discussing ”high energy condensed matter physics”, in which I propose a much needed unified scenario for the Integer and Fractional Quantum Hall effects in condensed matter physics.