12-14 March 2018
TIFR, Mumbai
Asia/Kolkata timezone
FIG 2018
Nuclear Physics at Pelletron Linac Facility (NUPLIN)
Date: 15th March 2018
Venue: AG-66, TIFR, Mumbai

Advisory committee:

H.M. Antia (TIFR)
V.M. Datar (TIFR)
D. Kanjilal (IUAC)
G. Ravindra Kumar (TIFR)
N.K. Sahoo (BARC)
A. Saxena (BARC)
D.K Shrivastava(VECC)

Organising committee:

S.N. Mishra (TIFR)
V. Nanal (TIFR) (Convenor)
B.K. Nayak (BARC)
R. Palit (TIFR)
A. Shrivastava (BARC) 

Theme of the meeting:

The Pelletron Linac Facility has been a major workhorse for research in Nuclear Physics and other areas for over 3 decades. The LINAC, the first superconducting heavy ion accelerator in the country, has now completed 10 years of successful operation. The meeting is focused on the nuclear physics programs at this facility, associated developments and future research programs.

In FIG18 registration - please indicate if you would like to attend NUPLIN.
If you are attending only NUPLIN, please send an email to nuplin18@gmail.com for the registration.